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It has been a little over a month since Annie Oakley (Oakley for short) came into my life and I could not be happier. She has already made a huge impact in my life. Our first couple days were a little rough. Having depression and anxiety affects my life in many ways and one way is how I handle change. When a big change happens, it takes me a while to adapt. So, our first weekend together, I ran home to my parents (thankfully she loves car rides) and hung there for the weekend. I wasn't sure if we would be a good fit but Oakley knew right away. I was mainly concerned about if I would be a good enough owner for her and it scared me at how quickly she trusted me and how quickly she became attached to me. But she knew. And after the weekend with her (and convincing myself we would be a good fit) I haven't looked back.

Anyway, back to Oakley. As you know, Oakley is a rather shy dog. She doesn't really like people. (My friends and family always joke that we're a perfect fit - neither of us like people.) But she is slowly, and I mean slowly, warming up to my mom (takes treats from her, allows her on the couch, etc). But we still are sure about my dad, mainly just growl at him. Or any man for that matter. The vet suggested obedience class to get her self esteem up. So, we are doing just that, once a week. The first week wasn't so good. We spent most the time in the corner, shaking and hiding (and Brittani trying not to cry). We put a weighted vest on and eventually convinced her to come out with the other dogs and owners. Week 4 was a totally different story. She wanted to play with all the dogs. We are still working on listening (and paying attention in class) I know she knows what she is doing (like when she found my glasses while I was napping, chewed them up, and then hid them under a squeaker toy). However, overall she is doing great! She loves to chew up all her toys. I have found a couple she hasn't destroyed. And like most dogs, she loves going on walks. I bought a 'Magnascreen' for my balcony door and she loves to just sit and look outside. She also enjoys throwing her toys to herself but doesn't quite get "fetch" yet.

Oh and let me tell you about my couch. That is her spot. That is the first place she went when I brought her to my apartment. It is also where she is when I am at my parents house trying to convince her to come upstairs to bed. She also loves to give me kisses and that seems to be the easiest place to do it. #eyelevel Sometimes, I have to try to convince her to let me have a spot. But usually she's good at letting me sit next to her. ;)

There is a saying when you rescue a dog, "who rescued who?" and that is so true. However, I am pretty sure she rescued me.

Thanks you for rescuing her so she could rescue me.

#adoptdontshop #rescuedismyfavoritebreed


Brittani KaLouise
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