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Just thought I would pop in and let you know how I am doing. This is Lily, my mom is letting me use her work computer again J. Not sure if you remember me, but my mom and dad had found me on the highway and brought me into your care on July 5th of 2015. They ended up adopting me and I moved into my forever home with my many siblings. I am doing great!! I am still the baby of the clan (and a spoiled baby at that) and loving every minute of it. My health is great and I grew up to be quite the silly girl. Chance (one of the dogs) has become my best buddy and really loves to be protective of me, which sometimes gets annoying, but I deal with it because I know he must really love me. Sleeping on my dad’s head is still my favorite place to sleep. I have found that I really adore catnip, even though mom and dad say I get really goofy they still let me have it once in a while. I love to hunt bugs and I am great at it, Ranger (dad’s hunting buddy) and I have a ball if a fly gets in the house, although sometimes we knock a few things over. I usually get the “prize” as Ranger will go on point and won’t move until dad says “Release”, in the meantime I am fast and sneaky and jump on the fly first. Sometimes, I will let it go so we can chase after it again….hmmm…I wonder if the fly enjoys the game as much as we do?? I still love to play with the other cats, especially Smores, Junior and Sophie we can really get going running all over and “attacking” each other, it is so much fun and mom and dad will laugh at us as we roll around on the floor. They say we are just so cute playing nicely together. Wow, I had more to say than I thought but of course I could go on about me forever. Anyway, I am doing great, loving my many playmates/siblings. And I really love my snuggle time in the evening with mom and dad, of course I have to be with the one that has Chance J (he is a great snuggle buddy).
PS – I attached a few photos of me with Chance and Smores.
Love, Lilly
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