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Good morning,
Smokey is doing well!
He loves to sit in the windows and look outside and he is a super curious and exploring guy. He has found a few little nooks in our house that he loves to sleep in. He is eating well and has transitioned to our other food mixed with his Royal Canin and is doing well with that. No vomiting or diarrhea.
We had him checked out by our vet last week. She said he was in great shape and she wanted us to try taking him off the anxiety meds. He has been off them for about a week and we haven't noticed anything come up. He is more energetic and "with it" since being off them, but no anxious behaviors.
He still isn't too sure about our other cat, but they aren't fighting so I guess that is the best we can hope for! Rudy would love for them to be BFFs but Smokey still wants his own space
Here he is in his favorite new hiding spot snoozing this morning.
Tiffany Brandon
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