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Inky (known as Dave)

Update on inky (now named "Dave" by our 2 year old)
What a perfect cat! Our first night home I expected him to stay in the area of his litter box and food/water and just slowly explore the house level by level. To our surprised he did a quick once over of the entire house and then made him self at
home stretched out on the living room floor like a rug.
Our dog thinks he is the coolest thing and Dave just lays there with out a care in the world as our little doxie climbs all over him. He is also extremely tolerant of all 3 kids and loves the attention whether it's being drug around the house or snuggled with on the couch. During the day he sleeps on our bed and watches out the
He is eating good and would rather share the water dish with the dog then use his own. The only thing we have found that frightens him is the sound of the sliding glass door. Which just makes the normal sliding sound. So that's strange.
I just wanted to send a quick note letting you know we are thrilled with him, he is exactly what we were hoping for and couldn't be happier!!! Also I am pretty sure Dave is happy to have my home to wander and not be sitting in a cage. Huge thank
you! KC Clark
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