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Mufasa "Moo Moo"

My name is Mufasa "Moo Moo" Husby. I just wanted to let my fellow felines know how I'm doing since my adoption. Life is very wonderful! I have 2 new cat siblings Hank "Bug" is 12 yrs & my little sister Angel "Foxy" is 4 months. My dad & mom are home almost all the time to spoil us with dry food, can food, milk, treats, catnip, etc... We have other family members & kitties who come over to play often. My sister & I lay on a cat stand by the picture window to look at the outside world. My favorite toy is a skunk that I like to hold in my mouth & growl like I caught him. We each have a cozy bed near the fireplace. As you can see in my photo Angel is my new best friend also. We wrestle, chase, play, sleep together, & find trouble. We have discovered the Christmas tree can be very fun to climb & play with ornaments when dad & mom aren't looking. We love to cuddle & sleep on the couch & bed with dad & mom to receive attention, love, & wait for new adventures each day!
Dad & mom would like to thank the Humane Society for bringing this perfect kitty into our family - he is very loved & appreciated as our new gift.
We are thinking of our feline friends & praying they too can find the perfect forever home soon.

With lots of love,
David, Kristi, Hank, Mufasa, & Angel Husby
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