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Hachi is doing wonderful in his home. He loves to be outside and play with his "brother" Rosco. Every morning when my son gets up, Hachi runs over to him and tells him "Good Morning!!". He is a very good boy and is still growing. We are thinking he will be an 80lb dog or bigger. He tries to act big and tough but he is a little baby. Hachi is protective of his mommy and my son, even if his brother Rosco gets attention, Hachi doesn't like it and pushes him out of the way. He is a goof ball that keeps us laughing whether it is sleeping upside down, snoring or tripping over his long legs that he still doesn't always have control over. We are so happy to have him in our life and he is the best puppy we have ever had!!

Courtney Goettel
(pictured are Hachi and Rosco)
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