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Is Your Pet Lost? Let us Help!

Please check below to see if your furry friend is listed and is staying safe and warm at our shelter.

If you do not see your pet below, your pet may have arrived more recently and is not yet on our website. Also, not all lost and found animals are listed on the website. If you do not see your pet, please call the shelter at 218-847-0511. Staff are happy to help answer any questions. 

It is also a good idea to add your lost pet to our Lost and Found site using the link below so HSL can be on the look out for your friend and others in the community may check our site if they find your pet. 

Did You Find a Lost Pet? Let us Help!

If you found a lost pet, please add them to our Lost and Found site so they may find their way home. 

Please click on the following link to: Add a lost or found animal

Please note that lost and found listings expire 90 days after the listing date, but you may re-list. 

Lost  03/20/2018
Dog (Boston Terrier)

Name: Emmet
Color: brindle       Gender: Male
Collar: nylon, blue
Emmet is a 4 yr old male Boston Terrier. He has a black, white, and brindle coat. He was wearing a blue collar but no tags.
Location lost: North Fargo (nd)
Contact: Jessica 701-541-4996 Marlin 701-306-5579

Lost  03/16/2018
Dog (Havanese)

Name: Penny
Color: white       Gender: Female
Collar: nylon, blue
13 pound mostly White with brown spots, and a brown head. Muzzle is white and she has white eyebrows.
Location lost: Audubon MN
Contact: Phone -2188414570

Lost  03/09/2018
Dog ( N/A or Unknown)

Name: Nala
Color: cream/buff       Gender: Female
Collar: nylon, pink
Short, stocky, rather timid of strangers
Location lost: Off of County Road 10, 4 miles east of Downer,MN
Contact: Betsy Walker 218-329-5781 Bill Ronsberg 701-793-3723

Lost  03/09/2018
Dog (Labrador Retriever)

Name: Ravyn
Color: black       Gender: Female
Collar: electronic, black
Slender, energetic, playful
Location lost: Off of County Road 10, 4 miles east of Downer, MN
Contact: Betsy Walker 218-329-5781 Bill Ronsberg 701-793-3723

Lost  02/14/2018
Dog (Australian Shepherd)

Name: Ranger
Color: brown       Gender: Male
Collar: nylon, orange
Brown and white, with blue eyes
Location lost: Detroit Lakes
Contact: Jason 608-479-1215 Adam 920-573-2379

Lost  02/03/2018
Dog (Chihuahua)

Name: Owsley
Color: black       Gender: Male
Collar: N/A, N/A
Owsley is a chihuahua poodle mix, he is around 4-7 lbs, he is mostly black with white on his chest and brindle paws. Owsley is 7 months old.
Location lost: Owsley ran from his babysitter at 624 west lake drive and was last spotted by a man shoveling the legion parking lot who said he (owsley) was heading in the direction towards the bowling alley on West Lake Drive
Contact: Liv Archer 218-850-3379 Justin Borah 218-850-8532



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